Staff Directory

Pac-12 Conference
360 3rd Street, 3rd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

Main: (415) 580-4200 • Fax: (415) 549-2828 // 549-2829

Larry Scott Commissioner
Jamie Zaninovich Deputy Commissioner/Chief Operating Officer
Woodie Dixon General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Business Affairs
Danette Leighton Chief Marketing Officer
Ron McQuate Chief Financial Officer
Gloria Nevarez Senior Associate Commissioner / Senior Woman Administrator
Erik Hardenbergh Senior Vice President, Public Affairs
Carter Westfall Vice President, International
Heather Vaughan Vice President, Marketing
David Coleman Vice President, Officiating
Dave Hirsch Vice President, Communications
Will Hunter Vice President, Operations
Duane Lindberg Associate Commissioner, Television
Chris Dawson Associate Commissioner, Sports Management
Erik Price Associate Commissioner, Compliance
Tammy Newman Associate Commissioner, Governance
Ron Barker Associate Commissioner, Governance & Enforcement
Chris Grant Associate Commissioner, Sports Management & Championships
Anna Roberts Senior Director, Human Resources
Taylor Lien Director, Business Operations
Michael Ortiz Director, Video Operations
Jesse Hooker Director, Communications
Chris Merino Assistant Commissioner, Compliance
Natalia Ciccone Assistant Commissioner, Communications
Cheryl Wong Assistant Commissioner, Sports Management & Championships
Shannon Ward Controller
Scott Tester Senior Manager, Ticket Operations
Carrie Xu Senior Manager, International
Noveen Moinpour Senior Manager, Events and Marketing
Liz Beadle Public Affairs Specialist
Dave Lucero Operations Manager
Lina Diaz Assistant Director, Business & Finance
Sean Harris Assistant Director, Sports Management & Championships
Jamie Alfieri Coordinator, Officiating & Sports Management
Michael Brady Video Operations Coordinator
Theo Mendoza Graphic Designer 
In Ja Halcomb Executive Assistant to the Commissioner
Wendy Heredia Senior Administrative Assistant
Meghan Cesnik Administrative Assistant
Kina Tua Administrative Assistant
Kasey Carlson Communications Fellow
Molly Babcock Communications Fellow
Faith Morrison Sports Mangement Fellow
Bobby Dibler Coordinator of Men's Basketball Officiating
Violet Palmer Coordinator of Women's Basketball Officiating
Joan Powell Coordinator of Women's Volleyball Officiating
Dave Yeast Coordinator of Baseball Officiating
Joanne Venditto Coordinator of Softball Officiating
Sandra Hunt Coordinator of Women's Soccer Officiating