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48 Pac-12 baseball standouts selected in 2023 MLB Draft

Jul 9, 2023

SEATTLE - The 2023 MLB Draft concluded Tuesday and a total of 48 Pac-12 standouts were selected over the three-day event. Kicking off All-Star Week festivities in Seattle, the first and second rounds were announced live from Lumen Field, the home of the Seahawks, which sits next door to the Mariners' TMobile Park, the site of Tuesday's All-Star Game.

The 48 selections were the third-most among all conferences trailing only the SEC and ACC.

Four went in the the first 70 selections on Sunday's opening day, headlined by first-round picks in Stanford's Tommy Troy going 12th overall to the Arizona Diamondbacks and Arizona's Chase Davis going 21st overall to the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Arizona State's Luke Keaschall (Minnesota Twins) and UCLA's Alonzo Tredwell (Houston Astros) joined Troy and Davis as day-one selections, going No. 49 and No. 61 overall, respectively, in the second round.

The draft continued Monday with rounds 3-10 with the Pac-12 seeing 22 more selected on day two. Oregon State's Garret Forester was the highest pick of the day after going No. 73 overall to the Pittsburgh Pirates, followed by the 2023 Pac-12 Player of the Year, Stanford's Alberto Rios, at No. 79 to the Los Angeles Angels and Washington pitcher Kiefer Lord to the Baltimore Orioles at No. 86 during the third round.

Rounds 11-20 wrapped up the 2023 MLB Draft on Tuesday afternoon with another 22 from the Pac-12 hearing their names called on the final day. A pair of pitchers, Washington's Stu Flesland III (Colorado Rockies) and UCLA's Jake Brooks kicked off the Pac-12's day-three selections, going back-to-back at No. 322 and No. 323, while Oregon's Rikuu Nishida (No. 329, Chicago White Sox) and Washington's Johnny Tincher (No. 338, Cleveland Guardians) completed the 11th round selections for the league. 

Overall, Stanford led the way with a league-best nine draftees, followed by Arizona State with eight. Oregon, Washington and UCLA all had six while Arizona had five and Oregon State and Washington State collected three apiece. California and USC became the ninth and 10th Pac-12 programs with at least one draftee with the selection of Cal's Paulshawn Pasqualotto (P, Round 12, Pick 357, Minnesota Twins) and USC's Johnny Olmstead (INF, Round 19, Pick 563, Miami Marlins).

Stanford's nine draftees were the third-most among all schools this year, trailing only 2023 National Champion LSU (13) and Wake Forest (10).

Joining Troy and Rios were 2023 Pac-12 Pitcher of the Year Quinn Mathews (P, Round 4, Pick 122, St. Louis Cardinals); Ryan Bruno (P, Round 7, Pick 205, Arizona Diamondbacks); Joey Dixon (P, Round 7, Pick 225, Houston Astros); Carter Graham (INF, Round 8, Pick 228, Cincinnati Reds); Eddie Park (OF, Round 8, Pick 239, White Sox); Drew Dowd (P, Round 8, Pick 243, Tampa Bay Rays) and Drew Bowser (3B, Round 20, Pick 596, Chicago Cubs).

Six of Arizona State's eight selections came on day three after Keaschall went in the second round and pitcher Ross Dunn (Pick 297, Minnesota Twins) went in the 10th round. Five of six drafted on Tuesday are pitchers: Khristian Curtis (Pick 347, Pittsburgh Pirates) and Timmy Manning (Pick 360, San Francisco Giants) went in the 12th round while Josh Hansell (P, Pick 469, Kansas City Royals) was a 16th-rounder. Blake Pivaroff (P, Pick 560, Detroit Tigers), Wyatt Crenshaw (2B, Pick 565, Arizona Diamondbacks) and Owen Stevenson (P, Pick 573, Tampa Bay Rays) all went in the 19th round.

The Ducks' six selections were led by Sabin Ceballos (INF, Round 4, Pick 94, Atlanta Braves), followed by Jace Stoffal (P, Round 8, Pick 237, Minnesota Twins), Colby Shade (OF, Round 9, Pick 263, Miami Marlins), Josh Mollerus (P, Round 10, Pick 304, Toronto Blue Jays), Nishida, and Isaac Ayon (P, Round 20, Pick 585, Washington Nationals). 

After Washington had a pair of pitchers get selected on day two with Lord in the third round and reliever Case Matter going in round 10 (Pick 291) to the Texas Rangers, the Huskies saw four more Tuesday. Following Flesland III and Tincher's 11th-round selections, Will Simpson went in the 15th round to the Oakland Athletics (Pick 436) and Coby Morales went in round 18 to the New York Yankees (Pick 552).

Following second-rounder Tredwell, UCLA saw infielder Kyle Karros go in the fifth round to the Colorado Rockies (Pick 145), while Bruin pitcher Charles Harrison went in round seven to the St. Louis Cardinals (Pick 215). Brooks was third Bruin to go off the board followed by Darius Perry (C, Round 15, Pick 442, Colorado Rockies) and Ethan Flanagan (P, Round 17, Pick 506, Chicago Cubs).

Along with Chase, the other Wildcats selected were T.J. Nichols (P, Round 6, Pick 183, Tampa Bay Rays); Kiko Romero (1B, Round 7 Pick 22, New York Yankees); Chris Barraza (P, Round 10, Pick 294); and 2023 Pac-12 Defensive Player of the Year Nik McClaughry (SS, Round 10, San Diego Padres).

The Beavers that joined Forrester were Ryan Brown (P, Pick 466, Oakland Athletics) in the 16th round and Mikey Kane (INF, Pick 509, Chicago White Sox) in the 17th.

Following Washington's State's Jonah Advincula, who went in round 8 (Pick 248) to the Cleveland Guardians on Monday, was Sam Brown (1B, Pick 354) in the 12th round and Cam Magee (SS, Pick 549) in the 18th round, both to the Los Angeles Angels.

Here's the full order of the Pac-12's selections:

Player School Round Pick MLB Team
Tommy Troy, INF Stanford 1 12 Arizona Diamondbacks
Chase Davis, OF Arizona 1 21 St. Louis Cardinals
Luke Keaschall, INF Arizona State 2 49 Minnesota Twins
Alonzo Tredwell, RHP UCLA 2 61 Houston Astros
Garret Forrester, 3B Oregon State 3 73 Pittsburgh Pirates
Alberto Rios, 3B Stanford 3 79 Los Angeles Angels
Kiefer Lord, P Washington 3 86 Baltimore Orioles
Sabin Ceballos, SS Oregon 4 94 Atlanta Braves
Quinn Mathews, P Stanford 4 122 St. Louis Cardinals
Kyle Karros, 3B UCLA 5 145 Colorado Rockies
T.J. Nichols, P Arizona 6 183 Tampa Bay Rays
Ryan Bruno, P Stanford 7 205 Arizona Diamondbacks
Charles Harrison, P  UCLA 7 215 St. Louis Cardinals
Kiko Romero, 1B Arizona 7 222 New York Yankees
Joey Dixon, P Stanford 7 224 Houston Astros
Carter Graham, 1B Stanford 8 228 Cincinnati Reds
Jace Stoffal, P Oregon 8 237 Minnesota Twins
Eddie Park, OF Stanford 8 239 Chicago White Sox
Drew Dowd, P Stanford 8 243 Tampa Bay Rays
Jonah Advincula, OF Washington State 8 248 Cleveland Guardians
Colby Shade, OF Oregon 9 263 Miami Marlins
Case Matter, P Washington 10 291 Texas Rangers
Chris Barraza, P Arizona 10 294 Los Angeles Angels
Ross Dunn, P Arizona 10 297 Minnesota Twins
Josh Mollerus, P Oregon 10 304 Toronto Blue Jays
Nik McClaughry, SS Arizona 10 311 San Diego Padres
Stu Flesland III, P Washington 11 322 Colorado Rockies
Jake Brooks, P UCLA 11 323 Miami Marlins
Rikuu Nishida, 2B Oregon 11 329 Chicago White Sox
Johnny Tincher, C Washington 11 338 Cleveland Guardians
Khristian Curtis, P Arizona State 12 347 Pittsburgh Pirates
Sam Brown, 1B Washington State 12 354 Los Angeles Angels
Paulshawn Pasqualotto, P California 12 357 Minnesota Twins
Timmy Manning, P Arizona State 12 360 San Francisco Giants
Will Simpson, OF Washington 15 436 Oakland Athletics
Darius Perry, C UCLA 15 442 Colorado Rockies
Ryan Brown, P Oregon State 16 466 Oakland Athletics
Josh Hansell, P Arizona State 16 469 Kansas City Royals
Ethan Flanagan, P UCLA 17 506 Chicago Cubs
Mikey Kane, INF Oregon State 17 509 Chicago White Sox
Cam Magee, SS Washington State 18 549 Los Angeles Angels
Coby Morales, OF Washington 18 552 New York Yankees
Blake Pivaroff, P Arizona State 19 560 Detroit Tigers
Johnny Olmstead, INF USC 19 563 Miami Marlins
Wyatt Crenshaw, 2B Arizona State 19 565 Arizona Diamondbacks
Owen Stevenson, P Arizona State 19 573 Tampa Bay Rays
Isaac Ayon, P Oregon 20 585 Washington Nationals
Drew Bowser, 3B Stanford 20 596 Chicago Cubs