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Health & Well-Being Initiative

Data Requests

Thank you for your interest in obtaining data from the Pac-12 Research Portal. These data are available to Pac-12 affiliated investigators for research projects, pending the submission and approval of the data request application as outlined below.

Note: please consider local IRB processes for your research project prior to submitting your data request.

  1. Complete the Pac-12 Health Analytics Program (HAP) Request Application, available here (click to access).
  2. Once your application is submitted, the Pac-12 Data Use Administrator will review the submission and contact the Principal Investigator (PI) with any questions.
  3. The Pac-12 Data Use Administrator will forward the finalized application to the Pac-12 HAP EMR Project Manager, who will contact the PI to finalize the specific data elements for the research project.
  4. Once all specific data elements are identified, a Data Use Agreement (DUA) will be processed between the PI’s institution and the Pac-12 Conference.
    1. Please note, IRB information must be provided to the Pac-12 Data Use Administrator before any data will be provided.
  5. Once the DUA is finalized, and all IRB information is obtained, the Pac-12 HAP EMR Project Manager will provide requested data to the appropriate Campus Administrator using the Research Portal's secure cloud-based file sharing system.

Please see below for additional information on available data sets and required citations for research manuscripts. 

Data Elements

The Pac-12 Research Portal contains multiple data elements from relevant clinical data collection strategies. Data is currently available for the years 2016-2022 and the Pac-12 HAP EMR Project Manager can provide information on other time periods during the discovery call referenced at the end of step 3 above.

The table below has been provided to help research get a better understanding of what data is available for request. 

SPORTS INJURY / ILLNESS Demographics, Injury/Illness, Event, Outcome
CONCUSSION Demographics, Baseline, Incident, Post-Injury Assessments, RTP
COVID-19 RT-PCR, Antigen
PAC-TRAC Event Exposures, Participant Exposures


This information is intended to provide PI(s) with existing, approved data requests, important citation information for any upcoming publications. The following citations are required per the Data Use Agreement.

Pac-12 HAP Citation Language (required)

The publication contains materials created, compiled, or produced by the Pac-12 Health Analytics Program (HAP). We thank the many athletic department staff, including athletic trainers, who have submitted data to the HAP.

Data Acquisition

De-identified data collected as part of the Pac-12 Health Analytics Program is derived from clinical documentation in a HIPAA Compliant electronic medical record by sports medicine clinicians in the Pac-12 Conference. Data is de-identified using HIPAA Safe Harbor method for de-identification (45 CFR 164.514). Resulting project data includes de-identified records only from student-athletes that provide authorization for secondary research as part of the HAP.